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Northside Youth

We don't see a NEXT generation. We see a NOW generation.

Experience Our Services and Events:
Connecting Students to Christ, Community & Calling

At Northside, every service, social night, and event is meticulously designed with a singular purpose: to connect students to Christ, foster vibrant community bonds, and help them discover their unique calling.

Why Join Us?
Christ-Centered: Our services and events are grounded in the teachings and love of Christ, providing a spiritual foundation for your journey.
Community: Experience the warmth of our inclusive community, where lasting friendships are formed and faith is nurtured.
Discover Your Calling: We believe that each student has a unique calling. Our services and events provide opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth.

N.YTH Midweek Services

Our midweek gathering is open for both middle & high school students from 7th-12th grade.

Block 1 - Food & Open Gym

Open gym is awesome! Come and participate in any activity you want. Shoot some hoops, grab a slice of pizza, or chill in the lounge area.

Block 2 - Ministry Moment & Groups

God love you and has a great plan for you. We connect with God through our ministry moments. Live worship, engaging messages and prayer moments will build your faith, encourage you and equip you for your walk with Jesus.  This is also time to encourage each other and have some fun. Meet new friends, connect with N.YTH leaders, and get involved in N.YTH events.

Block 3 - Group Games/Dismissal

We love to have fun. After we have worshipped, prayed, heard the word and had some discussion, it's time to compete! 


Join in on the fun!

Our N.YTH events are coordinated through their groups. Each group, 7th-9th grade and 10th-12th grade, does something fun each month.

Bonfires, roller-skating, movie nights, and water fights are the types of events that you can expect. Info about events is sent out via email and text. You can also get information about all things youth at the N.YTH table on Wednesday nights.