Global Impact

Go and make disciples of all nations.

Matthew 28:19

At Northside, we take this commission from Jesus seriously. Whether it's by giving, sending, or going, our mission is to see lives changed for Jesus. Northside partners with many local and global organizations and dedicated workers to see this fulfilled. 

Who We Support

Local Organizations

Northside Supports local organizations with the focus of building up the community and sharing the love of Jesus to those closest to us. 


Northside supports organizations domestically and internationally to further the spread of the Good News to all people, so all may hear. 

Make An Impact

HELP EXPAND the Kingdom at our upcoming Summit

Summit Goal: $108,000

Our annual Global Missions Summit (GMS) is dedicated to
advancing the Kingdom of God.
Click the button below to learn more about specific projects and organizations that we will be focusing on this year.

Encourage Active Global Workers

Write an encouraging word, question, or prayer and we'll make sure our global workers receive them.