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Mission & Vision

The Mission of Northside is the same mission Jesus gave his disciples.

Embrace Jesus & See Lives Changed

The Vision

Our vision is to embody these three key pillars.

Vibrant Gatherings

Fierce Friendships

Youth & Kids Ministry

Why Take Next Steps?
Know Our Identity: Learn about our church's history, values, and what makes Northside Assembly a unique spiritual community.
Understand Our Beliefs: Dive into our core beliefs and discover the theological foundation that guides our faith journey.
Embrace Our Mission: Gain insights into our mission, "Embrace Jesus. Change Lives.," and how you can play a vital role in fulfilling it.

Completing Next Steps is a required prerequisite for membership at Northside Assembly. We believe it's an essential foundation for building a strong and meaningful connection with our church family.

Want to learn more about Northside?
Take the Next Step!

At Northside Assembly, we invite you to take the Next Steps towards understanding who we are, what we believe, and our church's mission. This series of classes will equip you with the knowledge and resources necessary to become an active participant in the life of our church.

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