Why Fast?

 The purpose of fasting is to draw near to God.
It hits the reset button of our soul and
renews us from the inside out. 

Daily Prayer Points

Day 1: Consistency
Ask God to help us be faithful and steadfast in prayer.

Day 2: Compassion
Pray for a heart of understanding that reaches out to those in need.

Day 3: Signs & Wonders
Pray for miracles and healings that demonstrate God's power to our unbelieving world.

Day 5: Global Connection
Pray for fellow Christians around the world to stand firm even as they face persecution for their faith.

Day 7: Passing Revival to the Next Generation
Pray for the Holy Spirit to capture the hearts of our children and teens so that they will passionately pursue Jesus.

Day 9: Priorities
Pray for how to incorporate routines into your life that will keep your priorities in order.

Day 11: Contentment
Pray for a heart that can sincerely say, "I will be satisfied with what God has given me."

Day 13: Footholds
Wipe out the foothold in prayer, long before it has a chance to become a stronghold.

Day 15: Time for Change
Change takes time. Pray for endurance. He's growing a mighty oak of a person in you.

Day 17: Choices
What choices can you make today that will result in a better you tomorrow. Pray for the strength to act.

Day 19: Living Word
God gave us the Bible to transform us, not simply inform us. Ask Him for fresh passion for His Word.

Day 21: God's Hands
Put your greatest cares in God's hands today in prayer and believe.

Day 4: United Prayer
Along with a consistent prayer life, pray that believers will be united in love as we seek God together.

Day 6: Intercession & Evangelism
Pray for the Holy Spirit's strength to persist in prayer and for boldness to share the gospel with those who need Christ.

Day 8: Wisdom
God loves you a great deal. Pray for His help in making wise decisions.

Day 10: Power of Words
There is power in your words. Pray for the ability to choose them wisely.

Day 12: Parenting
Parenting isn't for the faint of heart. Devote time in prayer for and with your children.

Day 14: Choose your circle
Prayerfully find a trusted group of people to be real with and accept support from.

Day 16: Renewing Thoughts
Ask the Holy Spirit to do in you what He does best and renew your thoughts and attitudes.

Day 18: Read it - Pray it
Simply take the Bible passage you're reading and put in the first-person and pray it.

Day 20: Meditate
Pray and meditate on a particular scripture; we do so to get every bit of spiritual nutrition out of the Bible.


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